Roadmap For A Brain Aneurysm Survivor:
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About John

To Aneurysm Survivors:
I am reaching out to YOU and your caregivers and offering myself as a soundboard. I am willing to share my successes and my failures. I can be an ear to listen and maybe we can spend some time on the phone or on the computer to see if we can help find better answers that you are searching for you and your new way of life. If treated like a race, we may want to keep in mind that this recovery in many ways should be treated as a marathon, not a sprint. I'm not sure but I believe Bono, from U2, said,
"If you know struggle you're good at survival."

Coming Soon: "Brain Go BOOM"

John Cooper's Aneurysm Story: The Short Version

I walked around with the worst headache of my life for 7 days, late January into early February 2010.  I  went to my family doctor who said it was migraine and sent me home with pain meds. Two days later my wife took me to our local hospital for a CAT scan who then released me to another hospital that did a MRA. Quickly after I was flown via helicopter to Thomas Jefferson Hospital for Neuro Science and was introduced to Dr Rosenwasser and his team of miracle makers, especially the 5 Star Nursing staff on the sixth and eight floors. They performed a craniotomy and repaired the ruptured vessel with 7 large MRI compatible clips and I was kept in a medically-induced coma for 10 days. I was issued a helmet for 10 months and attended Moss Rehab to learn how to walk and regain some of my cognitive functions. In August of 2010, the same year, I suffered another major blow right before I was about to get my cranioplastly. (That is when the surgeon places my skull plate back into my head). I suffered another significant C.V.A. This time it was a non bleeding or an ischemic stroke in the right Basal Ganglia area of my temopral lobe.
I still continue outpatient therapy at
Doylestown Hospital  and at Moss Rehab to date. I am at a place where I can dedicate a few hours a month in helping other aneurysm survivors. It all depends on if it’s a good day or bad day, I can never tell, but this is all worth a shot! Perhaps I can help somebody out and that somebody could be you or someone you know. A Roadmap? As easy as it may sound, the road to recovery is different for each person. I would like to share what worked and what didn't work for me. I believe I could help you generate your own Roadmap for becoming a brain aneurysm Survivor, and I hope that you will share your experience with others when you are ready to do so.

My philosophy on how I survived these 4 years post aneurysm: I call them my 4F’s:

 1)       Faith (raised Irish Catholic in Philly)

 2)       Facility (Thomas Jefferson Hospital) They also hold a great monthly support group meeting.

 3)       Family ( Great wife, kids and family . . . too many to mention)

 4)       Friends ( Billy, Matt, Frank , Johnny P. (so many more)and brothers at AOH Doylestown)

I am providing this on a volunteer basis and do not work for anyone nor do I accept money. I want to share my experiences with aneurysm survivors.
Coming Soon: Aneurysm Mentor Program

Please read the
Disclaimer before contacting me.
Special thanks to E.G.C. and L.C. for helping with the website.

Coming Soon: "Brain Go BOOM"
Short video clip of my journey below:


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